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Desiree Rovira wins by TKO at Rajadanerm

Third time was the charm for our Desiree Rovira.

After two defeats in her first fights in the Rajadanerm World Series, this time the Cádiz-born woman came out without hesitation, very concentrated and with a well-worked physique, not giving Meena Thetsabankhaobangrak a chance, landing a barrage of blows, one of them precise to the liver , which would make the referee, with good judgment, stop the fight before a probable greater punishment.

Desiree, with six points in the tournament, will not have the chance to continue in it, but surely the organization will count on her again.

In our opinion, perhaps unrealistically, Desiree has fought against two of the favorites to win the belt and a million baht in the tournament, she has paid for the decrease in minutes per round (3x2), her lack of experience for this type of tournament (the Cadiz does not reach 20 professional fights), in addition to specific errors that have been punished in a dramatic way.

This victory only strengthens Desiree to continue forward, if she has already shown something, it is her ability to recover from her falls. WE GO FORWARD.

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